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Supply Chain

Role Of Warehouses In Supply Chain

Warehouses are an integral part of the supply chain industry. The warehousing and storage industry has grown to a value of 428 billion US dollars in 2020. Here’s how warehouses are taking up different roles in the logistics industry.

functions of a warehouse

8 Major Functions of a Warehouse

“A warehouse is much more than just a building for storing goods.” This statement can be best understood by observing the functions performed by a warehouse. From acting as storage space to stabilising market prices- read on to discover the various roles played by a warehouse.

rental warehouse in Chennai

How To Find The Right Rental Warehouse In Chennai

Any successful product-based company needs a suitable warehouse to store the inventory. The process of choosing and selecting a warehouse is hectic and prolonged. We have simplified the entire process into 9 simple steps which help anyone rent a warehouse in Chennai.

warehouse management system
Supply Chain

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Efficient warehousing is a key factor in determining the success of a business and ensuring that its operations run seamlessly. Warehouse Management System lends a hand in tackling the hassles of modern warehousing with its several types and distinct benefits.


Chennai Warehousing Market Report – 2020

The industrial and warehouse market in Chennai had a somewhat weak FY 2020 compared to the previous year. Transaction volume decreased by 19 percentage yearly, from 0.4 million square metres (4.2 million square feet) to 0.3 million square metres (3.4 million square feet). Read the complete report on Chennai Warehousing Market.

3PL companies in India

13 Best 3PL Companies In India

If you are searching for the best third-party logistics (3PL) companies in India to outsource your services, you must find a reliable one. If you’re unsure where to begin your hunt, this list of 3PL companies in India will give you a leg up. The in-depth research, reviews, and feedback assigned to these third-party logistics providers will assist you in selecting the ideal partner.

leasable warehouse

9 things to consider before leasing a warehouse space

If you are a business owner looking for warehouse space for rent, it is essential to understand that not all warehouse spaces are created equal. Doing some preliminary research will save you time, money, and disappointment later on if you choose a warehouse space that does not really work for you and your business.

Fulfillment & Distribution


The primary structural interface which is used for keeping and handling unit loads is called a pallet and it acts as the backbone of the warehousing system. They prevent damage to the product, act as cushions to forces that may cause breakage, and protect the goods in all storage facilities. Their presence ensures that all items reach their destination safely.


What Is Cold Storage & How Does Cold Storage Work?

Cold storage is a facility that primarily stores goods under optimum temperature(primarily low) and humid environment as required for them considering they are short-lived under normal conditions.

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