n 1974 I was a skilled trade electrical apprentice at Chevrolet Manufacturing in Flint Michigan and another apprentice, Tim Wells shared the Gospel with me. On September 25, 1974 on my way home after work I prayed and trusted in Christ as my Savior.

We joined First Baptist Church shortly after that. By February 1975 we were asked to be Awana Leaders. We fell in love with what God’s Word could do for Children. Having kept a Missionary couple in our home during our Churches Missions Conference God began to work on our hearts. Helen and I believe that God called us to missions through that soft quiet voice of the Holy Spirit.

That Holy Spirit talked to each of us the same day while we were 23 miles apart.

God supplies all our needs in this His Ministry;

God supplies all our needs through Churches and individuals who support the Awana Ministry of West Virginia

My favorite thing about being a missionary is;

Bible Message Time with the kids and sharing the Gospel with everyone I can, especially Catholics.

The hardest things about being a missionary is;

Making sure that everything I do is in His will not mine.  “I know it is God who ahs called us to be the Awana Missionaries to West Virginia”.  But if I (Jim Alexander) asked Awana Head Quarters to be the Awana missionary to Hawaii, and they said yes – I would be living outside of His will.

Prayer requests.

* More support - We have so much more we could do and more churches to reach.

* Continued safety in travel

* Continued good health

Testimony for Jim & Helen Alexander

West Virginia Awana MissionariesType your paragraph here.

                                      These are the ways we serve as a missionary with Awana
                                                       There are 3 main things we do:

Presentation of Awana: To Pastors, To Pastors and Church Leadership and/or to the whole Church.  This is done with Sharing from the Bible (about Salvation for children and about Training them to serve Him (Christ), Using Power Point showing pictures about Awana Information and having a Question and Answer sharing time. We also have Awana Materials and Our Ministry materials on a display table.

Train Awana Leaders: We usually spend at least 5 and ½ Hours for Basic Training for New Awana Leaders. During this process we show them how the Awana Game Time works, how to do Handbook Time and what happens in Large Group Time (Which is the Bible Message Time).  We also teach them the importance of children’s Ministry, Discipline through positives techniques, the Importance of the Leadership Structure (Chain of Command) and the need for Dedicated Leaders.

Club Visits. These are used to help Clubbers complete Missions sections in their handbook, Club Speaking, Club Evaluations (for Commanders), Commanders Visits.

We also do: Pastor Visits, Church Visits, and work in Church Missions Conference as Presenters or Children’s Mission Conference Directors.

I (Jim) do - Pulpit supply and visit Area Pastor Fellowships

How many people have you told the good news about Jesus?

In over 35 years it would be in the thousands.

How many people have responded positively? 

Only God knows, I do not try to keep stats – for only God knows who really believed.

One time stands out in all of those moments:

One boy stands out in Ona, WV.  I may share the Good News but only God can save them. This boy came up to me after the invitation and asked me how to get saved. We sat down across from each other very close to an exit door. As I used the scriptures to show him other boys tapped him and said we have to go.  He would tell them to go on he had to finish trusting in Jesus as Savior. When we finished he prayed and trusted in Christ.  I have always said if the Spirit is in it Salvation will take place

I have you told people the good news of Jesus almost anywhere. Here are some of the big venues.

Most of the Continental USA, Hawaii, Canada, - Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, (all in Africa) and Jamaica

Let me share a moment when I’ve had responses that weren’t positive.

I have had many children through the years that were either fidgety or distracted about things happening at the end of club night when we were trying to share. If you do not have a child’s full attention then the Spirit is not in it. Again remember God saves them.Type your paragraph here.

We have been a missionaries for:

35 years as of July 1st, 2017 – Now in the start of our 36th year..

We have you been with Awana since:

Since February 1975 as Leaders then Directors in at the First Baptist Church of Lapeer, Michigan. 1982 we started as Awana Missionaries of West Virginia Type your paragraph here.

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